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About Patrick Conheady

Patrick brings years of business experience and deal negotiation skills to his ever-growing number of real estate clients in greenacre land sales and residential property buying and selling. As a result of the years spent in retail and property businesses he has gained experience in many fields very relevant to conducting a successful real estate business.

There are professionals within Patrick’s business network to advise on almost all aspects of property buying, selling and development; whether it be property specialist lawyers, civil engineers skilled in planning matters, property valuers, town planners, traffic management specialists, skilled professional photographers, maintenance contractors, handymen, etc, etc.

Patrick places a high priority on constantly remaining up to date with the latest business and real estate trends. He prides himself on being an ‘early adaptor’ to the newest strategies and systems that can assist with bringing better interaction with his clients and better results to his sellers and buyers.

Over the last decade, Patrick spent six years working in the Wyndham property market and focusing on obtaining excellent results for his sellers, Patrick is very proud of the growing number of record sales he has created in many pockets of the local market. He says, “it’s my attention to getting the highest possible price for my sellers rather than a mediocre result in a quick time that sets me apart”. Patrick listens to what is of prime importance to his sellers as each property sale is a little different to the one before it and the agent must first listen, then create a campaign that meets the client’s needs.

Now into his fourth year of greenacre property sales he is applying the same principles of up to date property knowledge (town planning, council regulations, FIRB rules, etc) customer service, canny marketing techniques, negotiating, and building business and client networks to drive this section of his business. Patrick says, larger properties of 10 to 300 hectares are so enjoyable to sell because of the challenges involved. Different local councils, buyers and sellers of different cultural backgrounds, marketing campaigns some completed with very small budgets while others costing substantially more than residential campaigns, many sales done off-market, combined with sometimes networks of colleagues working across international borders to get a sale completed, all add to the diversity and excitement of greenacre sales. Patrick can be seen working anywhere from Geelong’s Surf Coast to the eastern foothills of outer Melbourne and all places inbetween.

Priding himself on his ‘client for life’ mentality, his results speak for themselves with well over 50% of Patrick’s business coming via repeat family business and referrals. He genuinely enjoys building lasting relationships with his clients and the level of repeat and referral business he receives is a testament to this.

Patrick believes the key to real estate sales success is in really listening to a client’s needs, applying creative up to date marketing, applying attention to detail, regular communication and commitment to service. “I appreciate the trust that buyers and sellers place in me and I enjoy assisting them to realise their real estate goals. It is my responsibility to ensure that the process is a simple, hassle free experience.

Patrick’s latest business objective is to recommence his market updates for both greenacre property sales and residential sales. He says “ I try to give my feel on what the latest trends are and how best to get successful outcomes in an ever changing market and I am personally addressing that side of myself that likes to perform on stage, that likes to teach and relishes public profile”.

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